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He is God Again

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

On January 4, 2022, my best friend, Scott Vincent Rosenfeld, passed away. This poem is a tribute to him. The poem was written in the first few months following his passing, but this seemed like the right time to share it with this audience.

The poem connects both of our spiritual beliefs as they were very similar. He was the person that I would talk for hours about deep topics such as spirituality and what happens when we pass away. I hope you will give it a read.

Let me know what you think below with a like or comment.

When someone passes away, we cry

filling an ocean with our tears

Then, we drown

Struggling to come up for air

we collapse

as life comes crashing down on us

It is hard to lose someone

But why is it taboo to have any other emotion?

Why are we forbidden to laugh?

Why can’t we have a sense of relief

for the person that left?

Why is it that we feel guilty

for simply taking a breath?

What if I break tradition?

What if I change the shoes I wore?

What if I remove myself from my perspective &

Instead placed me in the perspective

of the one that left?

Would I watch bricks be lifted from his shoulders?

Would I watch him break out of his cage?

Released from his shackles

with wings attached

Would I watch him fly?

Would I watch him fly higher than the

human experience would allow?

Would I watch him be God again?

I hear him in the beat of the djembe

he taught me how to play

I hear him in the guitar strings he plucks

I hear his voice In the Bob Marley melodies

I talk to him in my dreams

I do not believe in an end

This was one of many journeys for him

One of many lives we lived together

Me and him,

Soul brothers

Tall and Short

Scorpio and Cancer

Black and White

Singer and Poet

Both outsiders in this society

Both of us, the same caring heart

In a world where a caring heart

is like living in shackles

Without either of us knowing at the time,

I now believe he was preparing for his next life

Such as one trains for a new mission

He was doing the same, without knowing

This is his calling, this is his mission

He is a spiritual warrior

Well-equipped to be God again!

He once told me when my father passed away

to place his image above me

look up to him

Our ancestors watch over us

Say a prayer &

my father will hear me

Now I place my boy’s image above me

I pray to him

I ask him to guide me from the other side

I have no doubt he hears me

I have no doubt that he feels me

He always believed in my dreams

He saw what was inside me

before I saw what was inside me

I have no doubt that he will do the same

from the other side

Our human connection is left to a memory but

he is not gone

I do not believe in an end

From his travels to his journeys to his achievements,

To his trials to his tribulations to his hard times

He lived the life he was supposed to live

Each experience gave him the lessons necessary

to be God again!

Now a spiritual warrior,

His shoulders are no longer weighted

The cage no longer confines him

He, Scott Vincent Rosenfeld

Is Released from shackles &

With wings attached

He Flies

Flies like butterflies in the garden

Flies like cheetahs in the wild

Flies like a hawk that glides in the sky

He is God again

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