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Eric M. Dugan Bio

I am a Storyteller, Artist, Social Worker, Mental Health Professional & Activist.  I can relate to people struggling with their mental health because I have been there.  I reached the depths of the lowest depression and have been to the highest state of mania.  I struggled with a gambling addiction, as well as many other struggles. 

Now, 20 years from my last major mania episode and 9 years clean from a gambling addiction,  I live the life of my dreams by helping people with their own struggles with mental health, homelessness, and addiction.  

I use wiriting to process my own lived experiences and then teach them through various channels.  I leave no stone unturned sharing my lowest points to my highest heights. 

I am a Artist

At night, I am a artist and motivational speaker.  I perform at events all over Richmond including the legendary Tuesday Verses, the Writer's Den and Lyric Ave.  In addition to performing as a poet, I do speaking engagements specializing in mental health.

I am an Activist

I am a full time social worker helping the homeless population find permanent housing.  My other activism ranges from protests to speaking to legislators on topics such as racism, mental illness and other social justice issues. As a community activist, I did my part in talking to legislatures to pass a bill for Racism to be a public health crisis in Virginia.  I am also part of the "If These Walls Could Talk" social justice project released in the summer of 2022.  My poem can be found at the mending walls website.

I am Resilient

After my last bout with mania in 2004, I became a certified ScrumMaster, Six Sigma Blackbelt, and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, as well as a minor in Religious Studies and an additional focus in Social Justice.


A few years later, after being laid off from my job twice, I chased my passions. Here I am.  I am Eric Dugan. 


I believe everyone is capable of the same type of turnaround and I do everything I can to guide people in the direction that they are intended to go.  




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