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Unbreakable Faith

My wisdom, experience and faith have served me well the last couple months. It has been a difficult time in my life but the growth I have experienced has been exponential. Earlier in life I would have cursed the pain and even God himself as I used to ask why I deserved such trauma. The truth is whether I deserved it or not, it is always exactly what I need.

It is in my most painful experiences that my unbreakable faith grew by leaps and bounds. I do not believe God punishes but instead teaches through suffering and pain. I know he is the greatest teacher that exists. It doesn't matter how bleak things may look for me or how hard things may get; I know in my heart that it will work out. I have been shown this truth time and time again.

As I evolve, my faith continues to grow. However, I am humbled that my faith still has room to grow. I was overly confident that it was as strong as it could possibly be. How can it be if I still initially question what is happening and go down the wrong path? I wouldn't spend anytime questioning the outcome or living in anxiety if my belief was as strong as it could be. Fortunately, I do recognize sooner that it isn't some kind of punishment but instead necessary for growth.

My doubts and questions last a much shorter period of time, and my healing/growth happens faster. It doesn’t take me too long to thank God for the lesson that is necessary and face it head on. I understand that once I accept the circumstances and start moving my mind from the flood of negative emotions/thoughts to positive ones, it starts to get better.

We find our spiritual path through our experiences. God doesn’t want to see me in pain but only learn what needs to be learned and grow from it. The last couple months were excruciating painful, and I made mistakes, but my faith lets me know that I am evolving. I already can see the growth and positive outcomes as a result of this latest storm.

Throughout this experience, I took the right steps daily to get me on track, even when in doubt. I kept my heart open to learn as much as I am able. I never forgot to be grateful no matter how my life is going because I know that it will all turn out the way it is supposed to. I just have to believe and work on myself.

I know this latest experience was a spiritual transformation with unbelievable growth. It is through trials that we become who we are. My faith can get stronger, but it is indeed unbreakable.

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