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Reflection and Reset

Updated: Jan 15

Before stepping out of 2023, it is a good idea to reflect. I challenge you to do the same. You may be surprised how much you did.

I had extreme lows, as well as astounding highs.  But even the lows were blessings in disguise forcing me to grow exponentially, but I want to spend the this post focusing on all that I accomplished.

The year started with me being promoted in my Job at Home Again as a Social Worker.  When I worked at Capital One as a process manager, I would have dreams of using my skills as a Six Sigma Black Belt and ScrumMaster in a career that I am passionate about.

I am now doing that in my current role by making our processes clearer and more streamlined which has made life easier for the case managers and allowed us to serve the homeless population in a more efficient way.  I know what it means to not work another day in my life if I do what I love.

In addition to excelling in my day job, I was able to step into new spaces as a Storyteller where I shared parts of my upcoming memoir, titled Spiritual Wars- My Experiences and Philosophies Living with the Greatness of a Bipolar Mind.

I introduced From Hell to God and Find Your People at two separate Events to a great reception. You can find both these videos on this site.

I continued to share my story in other spaces where I featured, competed in Slams and performed at open mics across Richmond. Lastly, I made the wise decision to hire a vocal coach, which has not only made me a better performer but also more confident.

Moving on from my work as an artist, I read twenty books which gave me so many benefits including increased focus, improved mood, additional inspiration, and more knowledge.

I don't know that I can pick a favorite book for the year, but my favorite author was Jodi Picoult. She tackles a different Social Justice topic in each of her books and I love that she tells the story from different perspectives.

In addition, I gave up caffeine adding to my list of bad habits released. Not only have I removed bad habits but started good habits, which resulted in losing 20 pounds!

I celebrated all my accomplishments by flying out of the country for the first time to Nice, France to visit my mom. I went to New York to celebrate my 50th birthday where I saw Hamilton on Broadway and performed at the iconic Nuyorican Poet Cafe. Lastly, I was blown away by Beyonce in Washington, DC. 

These are just the major accomplishments. There were many more memories and connections. I am grateful for everyone that crossed my path.

None of this would have been possible if I did not use the system that I call Making Dreams a Reality. You may remember receiving a video when you subscribed that will show you how to tackle your own dreams. I have re-sent the link to subscribers. If you are not yet subscribed, then click the button and you will receive the video for free!

I am now ready to tackle 2024. I spent this past weekend reviewing my vision board and creating my objectives for the next 90 days. I challenge you to do the same using the video as a guide. Let's tackle this next year together and make our dreams a reality.

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